First Time Meet Rich Dad

In the end of 2009, my husband Piseth Kham have trip to Banglore, India. He has bough two books of Robert Kiyosaki. They are “Rich Dad Poor Dad” & “Guide To Investing”.

That is the first time of mine start to love reading book by reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad”. After read two books, I have search other book that Mr. Robert Kiyosaki recommend to read then we have “Retire Young Retire Rich”, “Financial IQ”, until in May 2012 behalf of PM Leadership have bring 40 Cambodian delegates to meet Robert Kiyosaki at National Achievers Congress-Malaysia.


At National Achievers Congress 2012 – Malaysia

and in mid of November 2012 my husband and I are going to meet Rich Dad Asia, Mr. Bellum Tan at Ho Chi Minh.

Meet Rich Dad Asia

Meet Rich Dad Asia in November 2012 in Ho Chi Minh

We have bring Rich Dad Asia to Cambodia in June 2013


That is first time that we have bring Rich Dad Asia Workshop to Cambodia on 22nd June 2013. We also thank to our clients who always support us, team, ….


Rich Dad Asia Workshop on 28th September 2013


Evolution of Wealth program in Oct 2013

and we are going to have Rich Dad Asia Workshop on 18th January 2014 at Sunway Hotel.